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Cricket Hospitality

Cricket Hospitality

Cricket is bat and ball sport which is  played between two teams of eleven players.One team bats and trying to score as many runs as possible with in the available overs or has no remaining batsman while the other team bowls and fields, and trying to limit the runnes being score. The rules of cricket are maintained by the ICC (Internationals Cricket Council) and MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) and are knows as Laws of Crickets.
Cricket has developed by the end of 18th century and by the mid of 19th century the first international matches were being held. With its greatest popularity in the Test playing countries, cricket is the second most popular sport event in the world after Football Associations.


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Cricket was originated in the year 1550, by the pupils of Royal Grammar School, Guildford. In 1611, two young men from Sussex were punished for playing cricket instead of going to the church. The first match is recorded in the year 1646. At the end of 17th century, Cricket was introduced to North America. it arrived in other parts of the world in the 18th century. Now the Cricket is second most popular sport event in the world.

Cricket was called “creckett” in 1598 . The name creckett may have been derived from the two words krick and cricc which have meaning stick and crutch or staff. Another word “krickstoel” was also used for Cricket have meaning a long low stool used for kneeling in church and which resembled the long wicket with two stumps.

Like other games Cricket faced many crices. During the Napoleonic Wars, It faced crices when major matches virtually ceased due to shortage of players and lack of investment. But Cricket survived and a slow recovery began in 1815.

International Cricket matches played from 1844 and the first international Cricket matche was played in New York, United States. International Test Cricket start from 1877 and first international test match was played in Melbourne Australia.

The ICC introduced a Test Championship Table in June 2001 and a One day International Championship Table in October 2002. Newest event of Cricket is Twenty20, essentially an evening entertainment.

Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC) was formed on the 15th of June in 1909 to govern the laws of Cricket. The Imperial Cricket Conference (ICC) is known today as the International Cricket Conference. The founding countries of the ICC were England, South Africa, and Australia.

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